Permanent Solve: Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Networks Proxy Settings

by Lalit Banjara Rathore

Seeing the Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Networks Proxy Settings error on your PC then here in this post we will show you a permanent solution to solve the windows could not automatically detect this network proxy setting error.

In this post we also show you a permanent fix of Windows 10 could not automatically detect network proxy settings error.

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Sometimes when you are trying to connect your network connection you’ll see a yellow exclamation point error over your network connection icon in windows.

Windows OS offers to troubleshoot it for you, but after running troubleshoot you see this message:

Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Networks Proxy Settings

Really it’s so frustrating. and want to know about what does this mean, and how do you fix it?

Fix: windows could not automatically detect this networks proxy settings.

here I’ll be going to show you a complete step by step guide with that you can fix your windows could not automatically detect this network proxy settings error.

  1. Try to fix Settings on your Control Panel.


The issue is related to your windows proxy settings, so first, check your proxy settings. in Windows 10, open Settings, and go to Network & Internet category, and click on Proxy tab from the left sidebar.

Here you can see a list of options related to proxy servers. if you don’t use a proxy that most home users not use, then make sure Use a proxy server slider is turned off. if you use then leave it on Automatically detect settings.

If you connect with a proxy then you might want to check with your system administrator to make sure you have the correct proxy details.

After completely done these two options, try reconnecting to the network again. if you still get the error, then go to settings and turn off Automatically detect settings in the proxy options. and again try to connect.

Want to know what’s a proxy server? then look here below.

  1. Reboot your Computer and Router.

Friends before going to launch the advanced troubleshooting, please try to reboot your computer and router. it’s a good idea to clear any issue with your computer.

Because this error is usually related to Misconfigured settings on your computer, restarting your router is not the solution but It’s effective whenever you run into any kind of network problem.

After rebooting your computer and router if the problem has not fixed itself, then continue with the next step.

  1. Go with Network Adapter Troubleshooter.

When you right-click on the Network connection icon and choose to troubleshoot problems option. then it runs the Internet connections troubleshooter, and after that you see a result of “Windows could not detect proxy settings” error, and your problem is not solved.

But here we discuss another network troubleshooter called Network Adapter Troubleshooter.

So on your Windows computer go to the Network connection icon and click on Open Network and Sharing Center. after that on the left side click on Change adapter settings option. here find Network Adapter in the list and click on diagnose the network device.

If you a Windows 10 user then you need to open Settings and go to Update & Security > Troubleshoot option. here you can see the Network Adapter list choose your Network adapter and run the troubleshooter.

it does not always work but you should try this method.

  1. Check for IP Address And DNS.

If you currently face the same issue then you should check for IP address and DNS. because misconfigured IP address or DNS settings can cause this error too.

to check them, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Status. here, click the Change adapter options button in the list to see all your network connections, and double click on the Adapter that you are using.

Here click the Properties button and double click Internet Protocol Version 4 in the list. here you should check both Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically selected.

[ Note: Misconfigured settings will cause no internet access problem and prevent you from getting online. ]

  1. Try to Update or Roll Back Your Network Driver


In windows, an outdated network driver is to cause network connection problems.

So for fixing your windows could not automatically detect this networks Proxy Settings error. you should try to update or roll back your network driver.

For fixing outdated Network driver errors, go to the Start menu and search for Device manager to open this utility. on here click the Network adapters section, here choose and double click on the connection you use.

On the driver tab, you can choose the Roll Back Driver option to uninstall the latest update. [ use this step if you started experiencing this issue after updating windows. ]

If you not updated your windows then you should Choose Update Driver to check for new updates over the internet. if this not find anything, then you should need to install the latest driver manually from your Machine Manufacturer websites.

  1. Try to Reset Network Configuration via the Command Prompt.

Wrong miss-configuration is caused an error and prevents you from getting online, and it causes to face issues Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Networks Proxy Settings error.

Windows OS offers many network troubleshooting tools through command prompt, with the help of a few commands you can clear up your issue in moments.

for performing Command, Go to Start button and open a Command Prompt as Administrator.

In Command Prompt window run the following commands, one at a time.

They will reset various network functions of your computer.

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset

ipconfig / release

ipconfig / renew

ipconfig / flushdns

  1. Check & Review your Firewall, VPN, and Antivirus Software.


Firewall, VPN, or security suite interfering with your network connection and prevent you from getting online.

So you should need to change to review Firewall, VPN, or security suite settings.

To prevent them, try to disable your firewall, VPN, and antivirus software one at a time, then see if the error goes away. if it does, then the issue lies with one of those software apps.

So you should need to configure them to avoid interfering with regular network activity.

  1. Scan for Malware.

Malware is one of the well-known reasons who interfering with your network connections and prevents you from getting online.

If you continuously face the issue “windows could not automatically detect this networks proxy setting” every time you restart, then you may be a victim of this.

To prevent and fix the issue if it causing by Malware then you should run a scan with a trusted anti-malware app, like Malwarebytes. this will detect any virus or other malware and harmful apps and software running on your system and get rid of them.

Once you running scanner Malwarebytes automatically find any infections and ask with you to take recommended actions and automatically remove and fix the issue.

If the problem caused by Harmful Malware, apps, or form Software it can fix your issue.

  1. By Automatically Detect Settings

If your problem is not fixed and currently showing Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Networks Proxy setting then you now you should turn on Automatically detect settings on your Internet Options.

First Go to Control Panel and click on Network and Internet and here double click on Internet Options.

In open a new window named Internet Properties here in this window go to the Advanced tab. and click on Restore advanced settings and then click Apply.

After that go to the Connections tab and here click on LAN settings and then checkmark this “Automatically Detect Settings” and click OK.

  1. Utilize a Restore Point

The System Restore Point feature is to restore your whole Window to a previous point when your computer works normally.

If your issue started recently. then, you should try this method to fix your issue.

To do this. First go to Start Menu and find Control Panel and open it.

Next, on the left side click on System and Security option and click on Backup and Restore. and click on Restore files.

Here you can find all your restore points that you can previously restore. Click on it and then click on next to restore your previous restore point.

But if your computer has not created any restore points, then you can’t use this feature.

[Note: Using a restore point can completely restore your pc with a previous restore point. and all your current programs and drivers are removed. that means when you create the restore point it completely restore with the previous one. but it won’t affect your previous data. ]

Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Networks Proxy Settings error fix in Windows 10.

The above-given fix is working on all versions of Windows including Windows 10. but we give extra method to solve your error to fix Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Networks Proxy Settings error completely.

  1. Reset Your Network Settings.

So above we try many methods to solve Windows could not automatically detect this networks proxy settings error but if your issue is not solved and currently you face the same issue then you need to reset your Network settings on Your Windows 10 PC.

for Reset Your Network Settings you’ll need to follow these steps.

The method is especially for Windows 10 users, and it is so easy to reset network settings.

Open Settings > Network & Internet. here on the Status tab, find Network reset at the bottom and click on it.

[ Note: Before click on the Network Reset tab you should know that it completely remove all network information from your computer, If you’re OK with this, then click on Reset Now. after clicking on Reset Now your computer will perform the reset, then restart. ]

now your problem is completely fixed now, and now you can connect your pc with Internet Connection and enjoy it.

So now you know what to do when Windows cannot detect proxy settings.

So by following these methods I hope your problem is fixed. because all the methods is completely proven and with that you can really fix your Windows could not automatically detect this networks proxy settings error.

So how is this post, please tell us by commenting and please share it with your friends and with loved ones.

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