Best TextSheet Alternatives For Students In 2020. (Decisive Guide)

by Lalit Banjara Rathore
Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students In 2020

Friends are you looking for the best Textsheet alternatives to find answers to questions as online students. If you are a college or high school student, you will know the textsheet site. isn’t it? it is so popular and every college student uses textsheet for their homework and all assignments needs.  

so if you a hardcore user of textsheet. then, in this post, we include the best free textsheet alternatives of 2020.

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Top Textsheet Alternatives

For making student life easier we found some of the top textsheet alternatives for those students who want other free texthsheet alternatives. here are top handpicked alternatives of textsheet in 2020.

  1. Course Hero – Best Textsheet alternatives.                     
  2. Slader –  Your free homework solution.
  3. Study Lib  – Your free study guide.              
  4. Crazy for study – Helpful huge collection.        
  5. Chegg – The Real father of Textsheet.
  6.  PaperHelp – Another best-paid option 
  7. 7. SparkNotes – Most Helpful Study Guide.

In this post, we have included some of the best textsheet alternatives in 2020.

As you know, the textsheet is now closed, primarily because of an appeal filed by Chegg against copyrighted material after the DMCA’s notice that the text sheet was completely closed. Read below for more information on why it failed and why it is now completely closed.

Best TextSheet Alternatives: For those who do not know about TextSheet? And why is it so popular? Then don’t worry, we are always here for you, so I have to give you a brief description of what the textsheet is? And after that why are people looking for text sheet alternatives in 2020.

What is Textsheet: – Textsheet is an online site where any student can get their answers online, along with the help of textsheet, students can take help of text-sheet in their homework and assignment for free. As you know there are many premium sites available on the internet which provide services like text sheets, but all of them have to be paid.

For this reason, textsheet are very popular among students. Because all the best features of textsheet can be used completely for free. So many students use textsheet in daily life to do all the tasks related to education, such as getting answers to questions, solving homework questions, and making assignments.

Thus, being free, the textsheet became popular among all students and received millions and millions of traffic in a few days, which in turn helped millions of students in their assignments and homework.

So now you may ask that when textsheet were used by millions of people, what is the reason for the sudden disappearance of the entire site from the Internet? But it did not happen suddenly. Your question is very good and here is the answer.

Reasons behind Textsheet Shutdown -:

The reason behind the closing of the text sheet? Want to know more about text sheets? Then listen carefully. Currently, is completely banned from the Internet due to copyright issues filed by the Chegg.

Due to a violation of the DMCA copyright policy, TextSheet had no other option, so the entire site was shut down after that. And now the textsheet is completely closed.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this article, we have the top textsheet alternatives for 2020.

Where you can find answers to all your questions without paying any money. In fact, with those sites, you can do your work like textsheet.

so without wasting more time let’s check out the complete list of top textsheet alternatives of 2020.

Top Free Textsheet Alternatives 2020.

1. Course Hero – Best Textsheet Alternative.

Best Textsheet Alternatives In 2020

Course Hero is the best alternative of textsheet which that you can able to learn all the courses. and with that, you can easily get the answers to all your questions just by searching your question on the search box. Course hero has also a feature to filter your desired question based on school name, subject name, board names and many other options like this.

In fact, according to Course Hero, he has over 25 million courses for students that you can learn with Course Hero which is a very large number. 

Of course, the best thing with the protagonists is that they are free to use.

So guys, why are you waiting? Go to Course Hero and get answers to all your questions within a minute.


Course Hero is a freemium service but it offers limited free access if you upload your study material, which means you can upload anything from your handwritten notes, your old assignments, etc. 

But if you don’t have any study material to submit or need more credits then Course Hero’s monthly plan is $9.95 per month if you buy for a complete year, but if you buy only for one month then it’s so costly like $39.95 for just a month.

Course Hero Premium Plans Features 

  • In premium plans, it provides access to its material means you can solve your homework and assignments with the help of Course Hero.
  • You can get access to it’s all tutors online.
  • You can ask a question or seek help directly from tutors online.

2. Slader -: Your Free Homework Solution

Best Textsheet Alternatives In 2020

Friends if you are looking for a Homework solution then slader is really helpful for you. with slader, you can get homework answers for free.

Slader is verified and very sensitive, but if coming to its great features, you should know about the thousands of students and teachers who often upload essays and paperwork on Slader that helps keep it up to date.

Another great thing about Slader is that it covers almost all subjects like mathematics, history, science, chemistry, and many other subjects.

3. Studylib – Your Free Study Guide.

Top Textsheet Alternatives In 2020

Study Lib – Your Free Study Guide, As the name itself suggests, Study Lib is a library for all your homework and assignments. Therefore, you can also call StudyLib as Free Study Guide. 

With which you can do all the work related to your studies, homework, and assignments. but you might feel it is less organized compared to Slader.

The best part of Study Lib is the diversity of subjects for which they provide answers. Through this, you can get easy answers to questions related to any subject like science, mathematics, English, politics. It provides precise solutions that you can view with precise determination.

You can also add papers and other documents in your collection if you sign up of course for free, same like add songs to your playlists on Wink music.

4. Crazy For Study -: Helpful Huge Collection.

Top Textsheet Alternatives In 2020

Crazy For Study – It is full of huge collections. Crazy for Study is a site that has a large collection of questions asked for high school and college students. According to Crazy for Study, they have more than 50 million resources from which every student can easily find their required solution with no explanation.

Five million is a very large number. If you want to do more for your homework or get more information on that subject? Then it will prove to be a very helpful source for you.

Crazy for the study is not free you have to pay $3 per month for as your monthly needs. So, if you want to know more about a particular subject, Crazy for Study is a popular site.

5. CHEGG – The Real-Life Father Of Textsheet.

Chegg Best Textsheet In 2020

Why we called Chegg – the real father of the textsheet because the textsheet used the Chegg API to show or solve students’ problems. How, when a student searches for a question, it shows the student the result obtained from Chegg, thus it was helpful to the students, but since the whole data was Chegg’s and it was used without permission. Therefore, the textsheet was completely closed after Chegg filed the content copyright appeal.

If Coming to Chegg They do not provide book fares, online courses, course reviews, 24/7 support and what? A prominent feature of this website is the Mathematics Solver. It gives you step-by-step explanations for almost every problem and question. So if you have no difficulty while doing your homework, there is no need to get upset, with the help of Chegg, you can get the solution of all your problems immediately in a few minutes.


Chegg Study membership starting from $14.95 per month. but you can also use a trial version of an online study tutoring service completely free for 30 minutes. 

Chegg Study Account at $14.95/months features.

  • Provide Step by Step textbook solutions for more than 22000 ISBN ( Internation Standard Book Number ). 
  • Providing Complete support you can ask questions from experts and enthusiasts anytime.
  • Access to millions of homework answers.

How to Get Chegg Answers For Free 

6. PaperHelp – Another Best Textsheet Alternative.

Paperhelp Best Textsheet Alternative

Paperhelp is another solution of textsheet where you can find all features like textsheet, it is the best site for a study where you can do you’re all works like assignment solutions, questions answers, research papers, etc. with the help of paperhelp you can write a research paper for all your need in some easy steps its no matter where you belong from High school, college, or doing a Ph.D. 

PaperHero may be the best textsheet option for you in 2020 for all your needs.

7. SparkNotes – Most Helpful Study Guide.

Sparknotes Best Textsheet Alternatives

Sparknotes is a more useful study guide for literature, mathematics, science, and subjects in one place. Sparknotes is another best textsheet alternatives that can help you understand books, Write papers, and study for Shakespeare’s texts and translations. It can help you in all subjects for all your needs.

It is a part of the Website called The Spark and this company started by Harvard Students for helping students in learning and solving problems in 2020.

Top Textsheet Alternatives FAQs.

Q1. Are there any websites like Textsheet?

There are several websites like Textsheet which you can use for all your daily education needs like question answers, homework and assignment solutions are completely free.


Friends, we discussed the top free text sheet alternative in 2020. With this, you can easily do all your high school or college homework and assignments with the help of this helpful post. They want the top textsheet options in 2020 for all learning purposes and all their education-related work. This post is very useful for them.

You can enjoy these top textsheet alternatives to solve all your requirements like math problems, get answers to questions and easily do all your homework and assignments within a minute.

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