13 Best Chrome Extensions You Should Install In 2020 [Updated]

by Lalit Banjara Rathore

Friends are you looking for best chrome extensions in 2020 for password management and for editing pictures, and for privacy. or want to know about What are the most useful Chrome extensions, then In the chrome web store, there are millions of chrome extensions available for developers, music lovers, Gamers, bloggers, and for web scrappers.

So to make your life much easier in this post, we have the best chrome extensions for you.

With these extensions, you can increase your productivity and make your life easier.

In this post, we also cover fun chrome extensions along with the best chrome extensions that you should install now.

We have compiled a list of the best Chrome extensions to make your life easier and increase your productivity, to keep your privacy safe, which you should install now.

These special chrome extensions are really helpful to increase your productivity and make your life much easier.

So let’s check our complete list of the best chrome extensions in 2020.

13 Best Chrome Extensions You Should Install In 2020

1. LastPass


LastPass is the best password manager extension with which you can easily manage your password without any worries. In fact, if you want to protect your data and privacy or even your money from hackers or scammers, LastPass is helpful for you.

LastPass is An extension that manages different hard passwords for different websites for you means that when you visit a website, it sets a different hard password for that website. Yes, but you can be absolutely sure that it does not keep your password in its database. With this, we can keep our passwords in certain places where we want.

2. HTTPS Everywhere.


HTTPS is a much-needed extension everywhere that you should install right now because of its functionality. It basically tries to use HTTPS security on a website that may not already be secure.

But the only downside I have seen with the extension is that it does use more memory than all other extensions. But if you have more than 4 GB of RAM, then you should use this Chrome extension.

3. Disconnect  

The disconnect is also another best Chrome extension that you should install for your privacy that you can install and just leave.

This is a great privacy tool to make sure that no website you visit is tracking you online. Its main feature is that it prevents any website from tracking your activity, and it also saves your data and reduces the load time of any website.

4. Honey: Get discounted coupons easily.



If you are a shopping lover, then Honey is the best coupon extension for you, and Honey will automatically try to find coupons and apply them when you checkout.

Really its provide coupons and discounts automatically on your shopping gateway when you are checkout. So if you want to get a discount and want to find great coupons automatically without any worry, then Honey is the best coupon suggestion extension for you.

5. Grammarly: Correct your spelling free.

Grammarly is another best chrome extension for you. Which you should install right now. Grammarly is an automatic Grammer correction extension for you. With Grammarly free writing extension, you can make online writing clear and effective. Grammarly automatically detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, style, and mistakes in your writing. So you should install this extension right now.

6. Full Page Screenshot.

If you feel tired after taking a screenshot with the snipping tool and are unable to take full-page screenshots, we have a full-page screenshot extension for you. With the help of which you can easily take screenshots of the whole page in just one click.

In fact, this extension is better than the snipping tool because it has a great feature of taking full-page screenshots that the snipping tool does not have. Then you should install this extension now.

7. Hacker Vision – The Dark Mode Extension.

Hacker vision is a dark mode extension with which you can activate dark mode on your chrome browser without any worry. Really Hacker vision is a very good extension who saves your Eye.

As you know, our Eye is a very necessary part of our life, and it’s our responsibility to save our Eye. And Hacker’s vision is helping to save your Eye while you browse the web and make research on the Internet.

8. Pocket: Your Internet Pocket.


Pocket is a great content saving chrome extension. For those who like to save content for later reading, and not only content but also articles, photos, and videos. With the Pocket extension, you can easily save content, photos, videos, and articles for later use.

Once you can create a free account on their website, you can save everything from the web. There is also an option for offline access with which you can set Pocket to download your saved content when connecting to any WiFi network. Pocket is available for Android, iOS, and Mac users. This enables you to view saved content across different devices when you sign in through your free account.

9. Floating Player: Play video on any Window.

Floating Player is a another best chrome extension for those who spend their time on YouTube. With the Floating Player, you can play YouTube videos in a floating window inside your browser.

You can move to a different tab without any worries with the Floating Player. Because it plays videos inside your browser, it does not matter if you are switching to another window in your browser, it continuously plays YouTube videos, even you can switch to another tab. And your video won’t stop either.

So if you spend a lot of your time on YouTube, then you should install the Floating Player Chrome extension to play YouTube videos on your browser continuously.

10. Netflix Party – Enjoy Netflix with your friends.

Netflix party is another best extension should you install. For those who use Netflix, which can use this chrome extension for enjoying NetFlix with your friends, families, and loved ones.

So if you movie lover then with Netflix Party you and your friend can use Netflix with friends and families without any worry.

Click here For reading more about How to Get NetFlix for Free With Netflix Party.

11. Magic actions for YouTube.

Magic actions for YouTube is are another best chrome extension for YouTube fans especially for those users who spend the most time on YouTube videos. The extension enables Auto Full HD or HD resolution for YouTube videos and also offers Auto wide mode with that you can play YouTube videos in wider players mode.

You can control the volumes via the mouse button. ­If you want then you can easily take a screenshot of the playing video and get quick access to watch your video history. And if you want dark mode then use Cinema Mode to bring the video in focus.

12. Unaddict: Get rid Of Addiction.

Unaddict is a chrome extension for those who want to get rid of any time-consuming website from the Internet that you should install right now. Unaddict is useful for those users who addict to something like In social media and lose your productivity and waste your more time.

Then Unaddict helps users by allowing them to create a list of website URLs they feel addicted too. After adding a website to the list whenever the user attempts to visit the website. Unaddict will prevent the user from going to that website with a friendly reminder.

So if you addict and waste your valuable time on Social media and on something else, then you should install Unaddict chrome extension right now.

13. The Great Suspender.

The great suspender is another best chrome extension to make your computer run smoothly by suspending the tabs you are not using.

With the great suspender extension, you can reduce Chrome’s memory footprint. It is perfect if you have a lot of tabs open at the same time. This extension will be automatically suspended unused tab that has not been viewed after a configurable length of time.

So if you want to make your computer run smoothly by suspending the tabs you are not using then you should install this chrome extension right now.

But before going to the conclusion, there are some questions that our visitors and people ask, below are their answers.

Best Chrome Extensions You Should Install FAQs.

  1. What is Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are small programs that add extra functionality to your chrome web browser. For Chrome, there are thousands of extensions available which perform various types of functions like Taking Screenshot, find shopping coupons, to editing images, password management, or for privacy. There are millions of extensions available on Chrome web store which you can install as per your need.

  1. What are the most useful Chrome extensions?

Here are some of the most useful Chrome extensions to make your life easier, which you should install now.

  • LastPass
  • HTTPS Everywhere.
  • Honey: Get discounted coupons easily.
  • Grammarly: Correct your spelling free.
  • Full Page Screenshot.
  • Hacker Vision: Activate Dark Mode.
  • Pocket: Your Internet Pocket.
  • Floating Player: Play video everywhere.
  • Netflix Party.
  • Magic actions for YouTube.
  • The Great Suspender.
  1. What are all Chrome extensions safe?

Yes, all Chrome extensions are completely secure as Google checks all extensions for viruses, and Chrome does not allow for more specific permissions.

  1. Can you make money with chrome extensions?

Yes, if you promote any product by your chrome addons, you can make money with that. You can also run an advertisement. And you can charge people for getting full access to your chrome extension, and with that, you can also request your user for donating to make money with your chrome extensions.

  1. Is Honey a Good Extensions?

Yes, honey is very good extensions for finding coupons and apply them automatically when you are checking out. Really Honey is very good extensions for finding special deals and great coupons for discounted deals.

So above we showed you 13 best chrome extension which you should install right now.


Friends in this post we showed you the best chrome extensions that you should install right now. In fact, extensions do not only make our life easier but increase our productivity. Nowadays chrome web store can change all things, like if you want to edit pictures, then you can install an image editing extension if you want to get rid of Addiction, then you can install Unaddict, and if you want to manage your password, then you can go with the Last Pass.

In fact, Chrome is a unique, specialized tool that not only makes our life easier with the Chrome Web Store, but you can increase your productivity without worry, so you should use these best chrome extensions to suit your needs from today needed.


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