15 Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020

by Lalit Banjara Rathore
15 Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020

Guys If you are looking for Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020 & want to create a attractive masterpiece with free drawing apps Then you are in Right Place. there are now superb programs available completely free that offer a realistic simulation of Watercolours, oils, pastels, charcoal, and more. Friends Drawing is a way through which we can show our Creativity easily. And with Drawing / Paint we can give a great look to our favorite artwork and imagery.

so if you want to drawing or painting in your Android phone & Tablet, then we have brought 10 best free drawing apps for you in this 2020.

Here, we have extracted some of the best free drawing apps for Android.  Some of these tools are designed for serious painters, while others are meant to teach children and enhance their imaginations, create art through their creativity, and create great images without the hassle of real painting. There is something for everyone in this post – the only limitations are your imagination and skills.

This Android Apps is not only great but at the same time we have prepared the list of these Best Free Drawing Apps for Android In 2020 based on Higher Ratings, Customer Reviews, Downloads or Features which you will surely like.

You will also be able to download all these Best Free Drawing Apps or Art Apps for Android from below given link.

Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020.

Let us see the list of 10 Best Free Drawing Apps For Android & Desktop which you can easily download easily from the download link given below.

1. Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020

Ibis Paint X

This app is the first Drawing App of our 10 Free Best Free Drawing Apps List which comes with many Attractive Features, and if we talk about its features, then it also has many Essential Features. Talk about its Brush which It has a basic tool, it has 142 types of brush size, plus 256 grade OS area selection allows you to select each pixel on your workspace. Along with these, other useful features include a Handy Ruler, Color Picker, Bucket Fill etc. It is one of the most featured Free Drawing App for Android Phone.

Download Ibis Paint X

2. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020

This is a free tool using which you can create Paintings or Comics. Which comes with a variety of brushes, features, fonts Pre-made backgrounds, etc., including Pencil, Watercolor, Flat Brush, Round Brush, Acrylic, School Pen, Drawing Pen, and Soft Pastel, Salad Brush for Brushes Talking about Comic Creators, there are a lot of Fantastic Features for Comic Makers that you can use while creating Comics.

Download MediBang Paint

Download MediBang Paint Pro For PC

3. Artflow

This will convert your Android Device into a Sketchbook. This Best Drawing App is available free to download. But, to use some of its features, you will need a Premium Account, for which you will have to spend $ 3 – $ 5. If we talk about some of its best features, then it has given Pressure Sensitive Pen Support, GPU Accelerated Paint Engine, Brightness & Saturation with Color Adjustment. Talking about other Amazing Fact of this app, NVIDIA DirectStylus Support has been given in it.

Download ArtFlow

4. Rough Animator

This app for Android Phone falls under the category of Drawing App but, it is widely used to create Animation. However, these modifications are completely ready as it contains all the tools required to do so. Once you have created your animation, you can watch it using the ‘Preview Playback’ option. You can also import audio for lip syncing. The best part of this app is that you can drag frame by frame and then combine them together to make Animation or GIF, and do whatever you want.

Download Rough Animator

5. PaperColor

Papercolor Paint Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020

This Android App helps you create a Realistic Replica of any object. PaperColor gives high detailed results, due to which it is mostly used by Artists to create logo sketches. This is a minimal app that you can easily use on any Smartphone. Also with the help of this app you can add text to your drawing, apply Custom Cover or Background. If you talk about the features, then the features are not available in this app like the apps given above, but if you talk about performance, then this app provides the same performance as compared to others.

Download PaperColor

6. Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint

Now you can sketch, draw or paint through sketch without any more knowledge. It includes many essential and realistic tools such as pencils, marker pens, oil burshes, oil blend brushes, oil real brushes, etc., through which you can extract images in .Jpeg, .Png, .Bmp format.

Download Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint

7. Sketch – Autodesk


10 Best Free Drawing App For Android 2020 is one of the Best Drawing Apps of the list. Sketch gives you a delightful user experience while having fun with your drawing and photo art, this App Creative people will love. Sketch is an official Sony app. It is a great source of inspiration for those who want to explore art. It has Editing Tools which include many brushes, Layer Editor, Free Stickers Ruler, Zoom to work with fine details, etc.

Download Sketch – Autodesk 

8. Adobe Illustrator Draw And Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Illustrator Draw or Photoshop Sketch is Adobe’s two different drawing apps. Adobe Illustrator Draw features drawing with various pens and layers with features like zoom up to X64 to work on up to the minute stuff in your picture. You can export your Sketch Drawing after completing it and send it to your friends Can share with, you can use Adobe Illustrator Draw with Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Capture CC, Photoshop Sketch. Photoshop Sketch helps you experiment with various unique features and photographs.

Download Adobe Illustrator Draw

Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch

9. Dotpict

Dotpict Paint Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020

Dotpict is one of the more unique drawing apps. of our free drawing apps list. It lets you do pixel art. It provides a grid and you can zoom in and move to create small scenes or people just by filling in the pixel box. Additionally you can zoom out to see your entire composition. The app includes useful options such as auto-saving, undo and redo, and when you can export your work. Also, it is not very heavy and it stays out of your way while you are draw. This is a great app for those who enjoy making pixel art.

Download Dotpict

10. Sketchbook – Draw & Paint.

Sketchbook by Autodesk is one of the few good drawing apps for Android available in the Play Store. This Beautiful App is designed considering people of all types of skill levels. It is voted by many aspiring artists as one of their favorite apps. It has some of the best efficient features within it including symmetry and proportional change tools, six blending modes, 2500% zoom etc. Its Pro version includes synthetic and smudge brushes, More Layers, Gradient Fills Tools and more.

Download SketchBook

15 Best Free Drawing Apps In 2020

11. Magic Drawing 2.

This is the best app in our 10 Best Free Drawing App List, Magic Drawing creates magic in your art. This is not only a simple drawing app for Android, but it is a beautiful Android App. Now you can give life to your art using Animated Brush, Glittering Diamonds, Shining Stars, Sparklers and more. Also, you can save Animated Drawing as a live wallpaper of your Android device using Magic Drawing.

Download Magic Drawing 2

12. Sketch Master

Sketch Master is a good and easy-to-use drawing app for Android designed for every user. It provides many types of drawing tools and has a simple user interface.

You can get seven different brushes, three different layers and up to 3000% zoom. In addition, you can import pictures from photo library and camera and save and share pictures on social networks.

The app provides all the features in the free version without any in-app purchase. but this app show ads – Sketch Master is ad-supported.

Download Sketch Master

13. Doodle Magic Mirror Draw! Kids

Doodle Paint Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020

There are many options on this list for artists, and professionals, but this particular app is aimed at children. Compared to other apps, children enjoy mirror modes, bright color flashes, so you can paint on photos from the camera or gallery. You also get fun kaleidoscope mode with doodle magic, mirror draw and other similar features.

Download Doodle Magic Mirror Draw Kids

14. Learn To Draw 3D

Learn To Draw Best Free Drawing Apps For Android In 2020

As the name itself suggests, learn to draw 3D This app teaches you to draw in three dimensions. Including text such as “3D hexagon, 3D cube, 3D hole, 3D heart” and many interesting shapes.

Each drawing is divided into different steps which allows you to draw easily. This app is not like other drawing apps; The aim is to make you an expert in learning basic as well as creating 3D objects with basic techniques. Not only that, but you can also learn how to build a 3D Eiffel Tower on a 2D paper step.

Download Learn To Draw 3D

15. Animation Desk – Make Your Animation and Cartoons

Are you a fan of animation? Then your search for an easy animation tool ends here. This application is easy to use due to its easy interface where you can move body parts using your hands. This app is useful for all professional animators, game developers and many people who are passionate about animation.

Download Animation Desk 

So Friends, this was a list of some Best Free Drawing App or Paint Apps In 2020 that you can use to do Drawing / Painting in your Android Phone or tablet. You can download these Best Free Drawing Apps from the above given download Link . And if we have forgotten any Drawing App in this list, then you must tell us through comment.

So Friends, how did you like this post, please tell us through the comment. thanks for visiting keep visiting Tech8G.

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